Parish of St. Monica and St. James  
Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.
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Our parish shield (.gif image)

For a high-resolution version, scroll down#

The overall form of the shield recollects that of our Church, the
Episcopal Church of the United States of America# As in the Church's shield, the red cross in the center is a St# George's cross, signifying the Episcopal Church's roots in the Church of England #St# George is the patron saint of England and of the Church of England#, and the nine white crosses in a blue field in the upper left quadrant symbolize the nine dioceses that met in Philadelphia in 1789 to ratify the initial constitution of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America# The white crosses themselves are St# Andrew's crosses, symbolizing the Scottish Episcopal bishops #St# Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and of the Scottish Episcopal Church# who ordained Samuel Seabury as the first American Bishop in 1784#

The three scallops at upper right symbolize one of our patron saints, St# James the Greater#
To learn more about St# James, see our
FAQ page#

The Bible at lower right symbolizes our other patron saint, St# Monica of Hippo# To learn more about St# Monica, see our
FAQ page#

The compass rose at lower left
represents our parish's membership in the worldwide Anglican Communion# The compass rose is the emblem of the Anglican Communion, signifying its worldwide spread and decentralized nature#


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